Tuesday, February 28, 2012

January 31, 2012

The zone continues to do amazing. The finding continues at its incredible (close to impossible) pace, thanks to all the awesome missionaries we have in the zone right now. Just when Elder Zarate and I thought the zone couldn't 'double' anything else, last week we doubled the number of investigators at sacrament meeting. We really have an all-star team of missionaries right now. And tomorrow we are going to get another--they are going to add a sister to the three we have now and split them into two separate companionships with two separate areas. The sister is a Temple Square sister from Argentina, so she and her companion should do great. We are set to have several baptisms in the zone this weekend.

January 24, 2012

We have been focusing a lot on finding new investigators (just like the rest of the zone) and we have really been blessed. Having a day full of teaching appointments is awesome too, but it's so much fun to just spend hours on hours knocking doors and talking to people on the street. It's very satisfying (and tiring). The other day we had a couple extra minutes before an appointment, so we decided to go contact a Church headquarters referral that we had just received a couple hours earlier. As we were driving up the street, I felt strongly to not stop at the address that was on the referral, but to pass it and park farther down the street. We kept going a little farther and parked behind an ice cream man who was pulled over. We talked to a young couple who were buying ice cream for their two little girls, and we found out that they had literally just moved in from Riverside County and didn't go to any church. We had a really great conversation and last night we went and taught them for the first time. Miracles are real!

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