Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6, 2011

Buenos días from the surprisingly cold (even more so than last week) city of Escondido! This week at night it got down below 40. One morning we even found frozen water outside (I realize that Virginia has gotten way colder than here, and Provo for sure was much, much colder, but after being in California for x number of months, I have sort of turned into a Californian as far as 'cold-hardiness.') Good thing my apartment has a heater (a luxury in California--most apartments only have air conditioning).

Everything is going amazing. I wish I had enough time to write down how awesome being a missionary here is. My new companion is Elder Daniel Zarate, from New York. He was one of the Escondido English zone leaders last transfer, and his dad is from Peru. Oh, side note: he doesn't speak Spanish! He was called to be an English missionary and has been in English work his whole mission, and since his dad speaks English and Spanish, he never picked up a lot of Spanish (a little, though), so I get to teach my companion Spanish!

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