Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 22, 2011

Everything is going spectacular here in the Escondido Spanish zone. We have had a great week. It has been quite chilly and rainy (in California, seeing your breath means it's cold...I feel like it will take a while to re-adjust the next time I spend a winter in Provo). Thanksgiving is quickly coming up. Have you ever had a turkey cooked with chile peppers? It's really good. We had a great ward activity on Saturday night for Thanksgiving, and about 400 people showed up. The members really welcomed all the investigators, and everyone had fun. . . .We are definitely not in danger of starving on Thanksgiving--we have had several invitations to dinner and there is a severe risk of more coming today (not to mention one family which threatened to never talk to us again if we didn't eat with them...). Being a missionary can be so hard. We also were able to volunteer to help serve food in the morning at our local Salvation Army with a couple of other missionaries, so that should be a great experience.

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