Thursday, November 24, 2011

October 25, 2011

It seems like this week most of our finding has been for the English elders, ironically. We have sent them 4 or 5 solid referrals in the last few days. One of them is probably one of the most prepared people I have met on my entire mission. He is friends with one of the recent converts in our area, and was stabbed in the throat by a drug-addict in San Diego about a month ago. He said that he [thought] for sure he was going to die, and so was surprised when he "woke up" again in the hospital. He decided to take the second chance that God had given him and really follow Jesus Christ. So he moved up to Escondido to take his old job back, and it just so happened that a day after he moved here, Elder Snyder and his family came down to visit the people that Elder Snyder had taught and go to the temple with them. Even though this man doesn't speak Spanish, his recent convert friend invited him to the dinner that they all had with Elder Snyder and his family, and afterward they invited him to accompany them to the temple. He was [having] a question-and-answer about the Church with Elder Snyder the entire way down, and while they were doing [baptisms], he stayed in the temple waiting room and watched Church videos for 3 hours with one of Elder Snyder's family members. He said that the peace and Spirit that he felt in the temple were really impressive, and by the time they came out of doing baptisms, he told them that he wanted to learn more!

So the next day, we were doing weekly planning when the recent convert friend calls us and tells us to go visit him at that very moment. So we got up, drove over, and got to know him and talked about how to follow Jesus Christ. He said that Elder Snyder had given him an English Book of Mormon the night before and that he had been reading it, and he said he knows it is right. He said, "I really want to get closer to God and do what He wants, but I don't know where to start. What should I do?" It reminded me of Acts 2:37-39, so we read that and we read 2 Nephi 31, and he enthusiastically accepted a baptismal date, for "as soon as possible" (after his third time at sacrament meeting). Of course, since he only speaks English, we passed him to the English elders, but we are very excited to get to go to his baptism in a few weeks! He was so prepared by the Lord.

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