Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 8, 2011

Greetings from surprisingly cold Escondido! Everything is going amazing. We have been blessed with many miracles and we are learning a lot and having more fun than should be allowed. We are going to have zone conference this Friday and we are excited to learn from President Cook. We have been blessed to find a lot of great people, and the weather has gotten really awesome. It's cold enough at night to see your breath, which means during the day it is sunny but not hot (like 60s or low 70s). Elder Thomas and I have been really striving to improve our Spanish. We realized that it is hard for Spanish speaking missionaries in the United States to imitate a specific accent because the people we teach are all from different parts of Mexico, so we want to try to imitate accents of people from a specific region of Mexico. Hopefully it works--we want to lose our American accents as soon as possible! We have been eating a lot of amazing food, including (for the first time) tortas ahogadas (delicious).

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