Friday, September 30, 2011

September 27, 2011

I had an amazing experience with fasting this week, and I think you all would really enjoy it (and perhaps find it a little entertaining). So this week I have been really thinking hard about how to help the zone progress, and that is what I decided to fast for on fast Sunday--how to be a better leader for the zone. Right after Church we met with a high councilor to discuss the ward and the missionary work in our ward, and we were very poorly prepared for the meeting. We didn't have a lot of the information he was asking for, and we just hadn't put a lot of thought into the meeting beforehand. After about 15 minutes, he took off his glasses, leaned back, and said, "Elders, can I give you some advice?" And he proceeded to rebuke us with the fury of Abinadi--a legitimate call to repentance. My first reaction (like everyone's natural reaction) was to get a little defensive, but as soon as he started talking, I felt the Spirit tell me that what he was going to tell me was the Lord's answer to my fast. That helped sure helped me be as humble as the Lord needed to be able to learn. I learned so much. I am so glad that the high counselor loved us enough to 'reprove us with sharpness.' Basically, he asked us, "Are you two leaders that act or leaders that are acted upon?" It was so intense, and I have never had such an immediate and clear answer to a fast before. As it turned out, Elder Thomas had been fasting for the exact same thing. It was such a cool learning experience. Not every answer from God can be a rainbow. Sometimes God sends rainbows, and sometimes He rains fire on wicked cities.

Everything is going great. We asked one of the members how is it that Mexicans can throw such huge parties (that you can hear from miles away) without having the police called on them, and she answered, "We just invite everyone, and that way nobody complains." Good counsel, haha. While knocking doors this week, we ran across a house with a guard dog on the roof. We quickly realized that he was pretty useless, since he could bark and snarl at us, but he was too afraid to jump down, and so we just went and rang the doorbell. We had a recent convert tell an investigator during a Word of Wisdom lesson that drinking beer wasn't a sin, but drinking beer in front of people was (that one couldn't get left without being corrected, haha). I tried hard-boiling eggs last week, which ended in a massive failure. All in all, things have a way of staying interesting in the life of a missionary.

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