Friday, September 30, 2011

September 6, 2011

Querida familia,

As always, time has been going way too fast. Adiós, San Juan Capistrano. I got transferred. Elder Kidd is staying, as is everyone else in our Spanish district, except me. It was such a blessing to be able to serve 6 months in such a great ward. We were talking to the stake president on Sunday, and he told us that the Spanish ward only became a ward 1.5 years ago--it was tiny back then, and now the last few weeks the ward has been getting 140-150 people at sacrament meeting. Apparently, when the Spanish branch became a ward, the stake president prophesied that one day the ward would be split! I love San Juan and I am really going to miss the people here. They are such good missionaries. (Lucy brought a co-worker and her kids to Church on Sunday and is going to set us up to meet another one of her friends this week!) Hopefully I might get to serve in this ward one more time before I finish my mission? Who knows.

As for my destination, I am leaning strongly towards Escondido. That is the only other zone where they have Spanish zone leaders (Escondido actually has two zones--an English zone and a Spanish zone). That would be my guess, but of course I can't be sure until transfer meeting in a couple hours. It would certainly be fun going back to Escondido and serving in the same ward that I started my mission in!

This has been such a great week. We really wanted to have the San Clemente zone focus on finding new investigators this week, because our zone has been finding fewer and fewer new investigators every week this transfer. So we sent out messages telling the zone to really focus on finding new investigators to have good teaching opportunities for the elders who were here next transfer, whoever they are. It went great! Our zone found three times the new investigators this week than last week!

The members in our area are really getting fired up about missionary work. Like I said, Lucy brought a co-worker and her kids to Church on Sunday, and is working on another friend as well. Another brother in our ward has 2 or 3 families that he is working on, and our ward mission leader organized a Labor Day lunch for us with a ton of non-members who live on the same street as him (also, the lunch was tinga, which is delicious). The young women in our ward are inviting friends and less actives to church, to activities, and to listen to us, and we have been going to priests quorum every Sunday to help the priests out, and they have really been helping us a ton with teaching appointments. All in all, everything is going 100% awesome.

Well, I guess that is all for right now. Thanks for everything! Enjoy your week! I will let you know in a week where I ended up.

Con amor,

Elder Gibbons!

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