Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 16, 2011

We are doing great. Lucy was confirmed on Sunday, which was great. Her daughter, Laisha, passed her baptismal interview on Sunday before Church and is going to be baptized this Sunday! We are super excited. We are hoping to get the Primary really involved in her baptism (children's choir?). Our area has been just exploding. I haven't been teaching this many people since I was with Elder Snyder. I definitely wouldn't mind staying in San Juan Capistrano the rest of my mission....

We found this really great investigator yesterday, as well. We have been going through old referrals that have already been contacted and we came across a referral from March named Monica who, according to the referral record, went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in San Diego and requested a missionary visit. We called and set up an appointment, and then later that day we got a text from the San Juan English elders, who said that the night before they had talked to a lady named Monica who lived at the same address and had the same phone number. It was such an amazing miracle. I was away from the area on exchanges, but Elder Kidd said the first lesson yesterday went really well, and she wants us to come back tomorrow (it would have been today, but she was working all day).

We are getting ready for our zone conference next week with Elder Larry Gibbons. It should be great! We are working hard to help the zone get going, and our ward is really catching on to the spirit of missionary work. We're hoping to help all of our recent converts to get temple recommends so that they can go to the temple before summer is over (the Newport Beach announced that they would have their baptistry open all summer long every day all day for anyone who just wanted to walk in and do baptisms). Did you know that 90% of converts of go to the temple within a month of their baptism remain active and faithful? Can't beat those odds.

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