Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 9, 2011

Everything is going super great here in the best mission in the world! First off, we had Lucy's baptism on Sunday night. It was great. Most of the ward came, so the Relief Society room was super packed. We might have to start having baptismal services in the chapel if the turnout stays that high. It was such a great baptism. Lucy was so prepared for the Gospel! She just loved everything we taught her and the night after the first time she came to Church she said she wanted to be baptized. She already knows half the ward anyways (4 of the strongest families in our ward live on the same culdesac that she lives on, so we definitely had fellowshipping at its finest going on the whole time). Her daughter Laisha should be getting baptized this week or next week.

Our 3-day exchange with Elder Snyder was incredible. I learned so much. I can't believe that he is going home at the end of this transfer. We had a great week overall. We set 6 baptismal dates last week! Two of our investigators, the friends of the young women in our ward, both went to girl's camp....One of them came to church and the baptism the Sunday after, and the other asked her parents if she could be baptized! It was so cool. The young women in our ward are just dumping investigators on us.

We have also been working with the young men in our ward more. For some reason, we don't have any adult male investigators, so we always end up sitting in priesthood in the third hour with endowed, active members (some of whom are returned missionaries). We decided it wasn't very effective time, so we started going in with the young men. Actually, one of our baptismal dates, Scott, is in young men, and he loved scout camp this week! It has been working really well. We have gotten to know the young men better and they are going to help us with teaching Scott and helping him get ready for his baptism. This week we met with him before church and brought him a white shirt and tie to wear, and he looked awesome. He actually went to go help with the sacrament with the other young men, and the bishop had to tell him to wait until he was baptized...haha.

As I am writing this e-mail, my clothes are still a little bit damp from earlier. We got one of the less-active young men and his active friend to come play basketball with us at a park, and they loved it. They laughed at us when we showed up in proselyting clothes and started playing in white shirts, ties, and dress shoes. They weren't laughing when we beat them in 2-on-2. Don't mess with the Elders....

Everything is going amazing. I love being a missionary so much, and the time is just flying by. Elder Kidd and I are really working on perfecting our accents. I want to have a Mexican accent when I speak English by the time I get home.

Something cool that the Spanish district leader shared in our last district meeting. He was talking about faith, and quoted Ether 12:6-7. He pointed out that in Spanish, 'witness' is translated as 'testimony' and 'trial' is translated to a word that means 'to prove'--so testimonies are what we receive after we prove our faith to God.

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