Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 26, 2011

We have had a really great week. Probably the headlines are from Lucy and her daughter Laisha, the family that we met through their member neighbors. They are doing AMAZING. She is definitely in the running for the "Investigator with the Most Faith" award. She is excited to be baptized, and she and her daughter are both definitely on track to get interviewed this Sunday and baptized in a little less than two weeks. First time on my mission I have had an investigator get baptized on the original date that we set (usually it has to be delayed for one reason or another). From the day we met her to her baptism, it will be about four weeks! She is amazing. We gave her a giant picture of the San Diego temple to put in her house (we happened to find it in our apartment.....hanging on one of the walls haha. We figured it would be better off in her house than in a missionary apartment). . . .

We also found and taught another family yesterday. It was pretty funny. The two sisters who originally invited us were really interested in learning more, but the aunt (who goes to a Christian church) was definitely not in a receptive mood (more of an argumentative sort of state of mind). We were a little worried about how the lesson would go, but the aunt got up and left. We started teaching, and then she came back again to argue some more. After getting frustrated again, she went upstairs and then minutes later came back again. The cycle repeated itself several times before the lesson was over and she finally reluctantly consented to take a Book of Mormon and read it. It was so funny how she couldn't keep away from the lesson and how the Spirit kept dragging her back.

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