Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

Thanks for praying for me. Friday was a really crucial day. It was sort of a turning point for our area. For the last two weeks Elder Kidd and I had sort of been being frustrated with our investigators. It seemed like even though we were planning everything out really well and giving everything and working hard, it seemed like everything that we couldn't control was wrecking our investigators. We tried to figure out if there was a way we could improve to be more obedient, but nothing seemed to work. It seemed like everything was aimed at us to really make us get discouraged and lessen the work.

We have had a couple investigators who we found through miracles and had really good first lessons call us up a couple days later to tell us not to come by, and several of our really solid investigators basically dropped off the face of the earth. All of our appointments were falling through, and then on Thursday night we ran into the pastor of one of the big local Christian churches and he really went at us. Normally it wouldn't have affected me, but with everything that was going on me and Elder Kidd almost got to the point where we were just expected things to go wrong. It was probably the most frustrated I have been on my mission. It was really frustrating, and on Friday we went on exchanges with a trainer and a greenie, and so I wanted to try to seem extra-positive for the exchange because I was with the greenie.

Since then, things have started picking up and Elder Kidd and I have learned a lot. It's like Preach My Gospel chapter 1 says--don't get discouraged, because discouragement will decrease your faith. I was able to help the greenie and Elder Kidd was able to do some great work in our area, and since then things have really turned around, and even though things still fall through (like they always do) we haven't been frustrated at all anymore. We figured out that even if you are being obedient and trying your best and giving everything doesn't mean that everything in your area will just be handed to you. It's like life--even if you are keeping the commandments and doing everything right, it's still going to be hard. That's the point. Obedience is the reason for being obedient.

So, thanks again for the prayers. Everything is going great, and I learned a lot.

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