Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 21, 2011

Everything has been going well. Elder Kidd and I have come up with something to really help our zone get going. President Cook wants the mission to have double the baptisms in 2011 that we had in 2010, but the San Clemente zone hasn't been performing like it needs to be. So at the district meetings this week, we have been going around announcing ZONE 2.0. Basically, the goal is by the end of this transfer to have our zone performing twice as well as it is now (hence, 2.0). Double the baptisms, double the investigators at church, double the miracles, double the faith. We know it can happen, and we are really pushing exact obedience and having our missionaries give everything.

Elder Kidd and I were testing it out last week, and it definitely wasn't necessarily "enjoyable" at first. We get up 30 minutes early to have more time in the mornings to get things done, we take short lunches and skip dinner if we don't have a dinner appointment with members/investigators. Whenever we are tired, we walk faster. We don't talk about anything but missionary work during the day, we don't read mail until Preparation day and just other stuff like that to help us lose ourselves more and more in the work. Our goal for every day is to make so many calls and texts every day to arrange things and set things up that the phone is dead by the time we get home at night (and we are always dead too). We have been doing double-tracting (one of us knocks a door and the other one is standing about 5 feet back, making phone calls to potential investigators and other people). We have seen miracles in our area from it and we are excited to see how it helps the zone. We are planning on keeping it "hyped up" the whole transfer by sending out voicemail commercials for ZONE 2.0 and sending out texts with tips on how to work harder and give more. At first it was super hard (that was the point...we wanted to give up things that we enjoy or like having to be able to be more consecrated missionaries), but the more you do it, the more you really enjoy it. It has also really helped us realize how far we have to go and how we have to constantly improve to be able to be the missionaries that the Lord wants us to be.

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