Thursday, March 31, 2011

"One of the streets in our area down by the beach. Missionaries in North Dakota and Sweden can only dream of weather like this in winter.”

March 8, 2011

“Good grief, in 4 days I hit my 10 month mark. Ugh."

“We . . . ran into a crazy guy on the street the other night. We were contacting this mom with her kids on the street, and we hear this guy yell, "Hey! Get away from them!" We look over and it's this sort-of crazy looking guy with a long white beard and combat boots coming over. We just ignored him and kept talking but he yelled, "Hey! You trying to start something?! I said get away!" By this point he was close to us now (10 feet or so), and so Elder Driaza turned to go talk to him, "Look, we're just trying to share a message" and the whole time I was still talking to the ladies (who were a bit nervous and wanted to leave, for obvious reasons) but watching out of the corner of my eye at this random crazy guy, who is cursing up a storm and threatening Elder Driaza. I was for sure he was going to punch Elder Driaza (he didn't), so I was paying close attention. When the ladies walked away, me and Elder Driaza just walked past the guy down the street, and he actually started following us from a short distance (yelling and cursing about Bibles and how we are going to hell and trying to drag people down with us). Luckily, he didn't follow us for very long, because if he had we would have just called the police. But it was definitely a funny experience (first time on my mission I thought someone was going to try to fight us). Definitely a good memory.”

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