Thursday, March 31, 2011

“Me and Elder Driaza with Edgar (our investigator), who drove us to the temple this morning!”

March 15, 2011

Querida familia,
Everything is going great here. We got to spend Wednesday and Thursday mornings in Mission Viejo for leadership training with President Cook, so I learned a lot. It was so great. Unfortunately, transfers are coming up in a week, so we will get the transfer calls this Saturday night. Me and Elder Driaza are both nervous, because we have no idea who is going to get moved.
We got to go to the San Diego Temple this morning, which was great like always. Out of the three times I have been, today was the first that was actually sunny, and it was a beautiful day. The celestial room faces the east, so when we were sitting there the morning sun was so bright and coming through all the windows. It was so great. The ordinance workers in my endowment session were the youngest I have ever seen. It was a couple, and I know they couldn't have been more than 25. It was pretty cool. The best part, though, was that in Elders Quorum when we asked for someone who could drive us 4 elders to the temple on Tuesday, Edgar (our investigator) raised his hand and volunteered, so we got to ride down there and he got to experience the temple (at least, the temple grounds and the lobby). It was amazing. He walked into the front lobby with us and then stood there and said, "Wow, the Spirit is so strong here." From now on, I think I am going to ask investigators to drive us to the temple instead of members. It was such a great experience for Edgar. He wants to get baptized as soon as possible (he wanted to get baptized before one of us got transfered, but that probably won't happen).
As for the tsunami, we haven't heard much (at least not directly, since we are cut off completely from conventional sources of current events (if only Katie was here to tell me about all her morbidly favorite news stories of despair and tragedy). On Friday, me and Elder Driaza were sitting eating lunch when we got a call from the sisters in my district, and when I answered I heard a nervous, "Uh, Elder Gibbons, have you heard?! There was an earthquake in Japan and the whole country is underwater and now there is a tsunami coming to hit California at 6pm tonight! What do we do if there is a tsunami?" Me and Elder Driaza looked at each other and laughed and replied, "Well, just make sure whoever you are teaching at 6pm has a second story." And then Elder Driaza said, "And if you see cats and dogs running up the street, run for it!" Turned out the sisters were a bit misinformed as to the magnitude of the danger to California, because the tsunami had already happened that morning anyways (all the Californians went to the beach to watch it....).
Everything is going great. The weather continues to be amazing and we are having lots of fun. We have been doing heavy advertising for English classes, and it is amazing how much more receptive the Mexicans are to English class than us coming over to share a gospel message. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing... I figure that as long as we can get them in the church building for an English class, then we can seal off the exits and corner them (just kidding). We have been coming up with a lot of fun finding ideas. Here's one we are really looking forward to: we are going to get buckets, soap, and towels, and on Thursday we are going to go to a Spanish-speaking area with lots of houses and just knock doors and ask if we can give them a free car wash. Who could turn down a free car wash? That way, we can interact with them and have real conversations with them for a much longer period of time than a 1-2minute door approach. We are really looking forward to it.
I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for everything!
Elder Gibbons

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