Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

Me and Elder Driaza with Elder Kendell and Elder Teerlink. (Both are Assistants). They are both going home (in a week) at the end of this transfer.

“As usual, the winter weather here is nicer than summer in most missions, so there is nothing to complain about there. I can't believe that today is the 1st of February! I was looking at my call letter the other day, and I realized that is dated February 9th, 2010. It is so weird to think that a year ago I was waiting to get my mission call (and walking around in snow in Provo, Utah).”

“Last Thursday Brother Littlefield came and evaluated us. We weren't sure how much he was going to participate in the lessons, so we just planned to teach the whole thing--which was good, because when we went to the first lesson, Brother Littlefield said to the investigators, ‘I'm just here to observe. I will be taking notes, if you don't mind.’ And he pulled out an iPad and just started writing stuff down the whole time. It was intense. But he actually ended up teaching a couple times too. He is a great teacher (probably has to do with being the head of the Teaching Department at the MTC). But everything went really well. We had 3 back-to-back appointments (he said it was the first exchange he has gone on this year where not a single appointment fell through--we were as surprised as he was), and everything went really well. That same day, President Cook and the Assistants all went on exchanges too, to evaluate the mission's teaching, and so the next day Brother Littlefield and Brother Bothell gave President Cook advice on how to help us improve. Brother Bothell said something really interesting: ‘If you are timid or shy about inviting people to be baptized, you are no different from any other pastor or minister from any other church who is preparing people for the telestial and terrestrial kingdoms.’ It was a great night--probably the most intensely planned three hours of my mission (perhaps my life).”

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