Monday, January 31, 2011

December 28, 2010

“We are hoping to have the baptism of Angel and Juel this Monday (we got special permission from the stake president to do it, since that is the only day off work that the boys' dad has every week). We were going to have the baptism last Monday, but had to delay it because we taught the Word of Wisdom and found out from the two boys that they drink coffee every morning. The next couple days after we taught it, we asked them if they had any coffee that morning and they said that they had, so we had to delay the baptism a week (they didn’t have any coffee since we delayed it, from what they told us). [Who ever heard of an 8- and 10-year-old having a Word of Wisdom problem?] So fast forward to last night, when we were teaching their parents and we told them the reason for the delay, and they looked really surprised, and the mom said, "But my boys don't drink coffee." And we said, "They told us they drink coffee every morning when they get up." And the mom said, "Oh, they must be talking about hot chocolate!" So we asked the kids to show us what they had been drinking every morning, and it was the hot chocolate. Elder Driaza and I felt pretty dumb. We were all laughing pretty hard (on a positive note: the mom told us after that the last few days her sons had refused to drink hot chocolate, because they said the elders had told them not to!).”

“Christmas Eve was one of my most fun Christmases I have ever had. It's amazing that when everything else like shopping and movies and music and lights (which, of course, aren't bad) get wiped away, you can really focus on Christmas--the Christmas present that God gave us (Jesus) and the present that Jesus gave us (eternal life).”

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