Monday, December 27, 2010

December 14, 2010

“Wow, thank you so much for the package. My nights have been a lot warmer with those sweaters, and they fit perfectly. Thank you so much. And we opened the first of those packages today, and Elders Driaza, Knudtson, and Stevenson were able to experience the modern miracle that is Grandma Utz's potato chips (they loved them).”
“Everything is amazing here in Oceanside . . . We are meeting a lot of great people. Actually, we went to teach one of our families a few nights ago, and during the course of the lesson, I found out that the wife is the daughter of a member in Escondido who was baptized a couple weeks before I got sent there (we visited him a lot to give them the new member lessons). It's such a small world. I got a letter from Elder Silva this week, and he told me that the family that we were working with when I got transfered (José and Yesenia) are getting baptized on Christmas, along with two of their daughters! And since the Escondido South stake touches our stake (Carlsbad Stake), I will get to go to the baptism (if the family invites me, so hopefully they will)!”

“I am learning a lot of Spanish from Elder Driaza, and he has been keeping us entertained with a few "greenie" moments. The other night, Elder Knudtson (one of the zone leaders we live with) and I were talking while Elder Driaza was working on his bike in the living room, and we looked over and realized he was spraying degreaser on his bike chain! We had a good laugh about that. Another time a couple weeks ago, we were knocking doors and a girl (probably 14 or 15) came to the door and Elder Driaza said, "Hey, we're the missionaries. Are your parents here?" And the girl said, "No." And Elder Driaza (I guess he must have froze up or something) stood there just looking at her for a good 10 seconds, and then said, "Well, have a nice day!" It was so funny. But really, he is a great missionary. He teaches very well and has a real love for the people we teach.”

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