Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 19, 2010

Querida familia,

Well, another week has flown by here in Escondido. Everything is going great. We are working hard and finding and teaching a lot of great people. We found an investigator last week who is amazing. She's going to be baptized on the 20th of November. We have also found some really great other investigators who were really interested in the Church and the Book of Mormon (two of them, a couple, we have been trying to get a hold of for four weeks). We had some amazing posoli last night (sort of a chicken soup with giant corn and limes) with mole (thick, spicy gravy made with chile peppers).

One of our investigators, who we have been working with for about a month finally came to Church on Sunday and loved it. The member giving her the ride back to her house after found out that she and her family (7 in total) didn't have much food. The member talked to the Elder's Quorum President and the Relief Society President, and by the end of Sunday night, the Elder's Quorum President and his wife had brought over a ton of food to the investigator and her family, and invited her to bring her family over to their Family Home Evening on Monday night. The next day, other people in the ward brought over even more food, and later that night, she and her family loved the Family Home Evening. It was amazing to see how fast the entire ward pitched in to help somebody that they had only really seen once, not even a member, who was in need. It's so great that the wards in our Church are truly like a family.

We had our once-a-transfer breakfast at the stake president's house, and it turns out that his family, the Haynies, are all from Mannasa, Colorado (I think that's the same town that Grandma Bob's family is from). Also, at the breakfast, I met a missionary who was just transferred into our stake named Elder Decker, and as we were talking he looked at my nametag and asked, "Elder Gibbons, where are you from?" And I told him Virginia, and he asked, "You aren't related to any Gibbons in Buena Vista, are you? I knew a Brittany Gibbons from Buena Vista." It was cool to find an elder who knew my cousin. Small world.

Well, I guess the only other news I have will probably come as big a shock to you all as it did to me. Everyone in our district had our regular once-a-quarter interviews with President Cook last Wednesday morning, and after Elder Kendell's interview (our district leader) he and President Cook came in and announced that he was making an unusual change to the mission, and he was going to have three Assistants instead of two, and he was making Elder Kendell an Assistant (even though we are only two weeks into the transfer). Then, when I had my interview with President Cook, I found out that me and Elder Silva are going to be co-senior companions, and I am going to be the new district leader. So, beginning today, I am the district leader here in our area. I have definitely been feeling small compared to my assignment the last few days, but I know that God will help me do what I need to do, just like He helped Nephi build the boat as he was building it in 1 Nephi 18.

Thank you so much!
Elder Gibbons

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