Monday, August 30, 2010

August 3, 2010

"One of our investigators, we actually found on the street, and when we went and taught her the first lesson, she said she had prayed to know which church was true before! So it went really well, and we gave her an assignment to read in the Book of Mormon, and the next time we came back, we asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon, and she said, "un pocito" (a tiny little bit), but my companion saw where she had her bookmark opened to, and he thinks she got all the way up 1 Nefi 17! We asked her to come to church at 11am, and she said she would. Afterwards, we found out she works night and wouldn't get home on Sunday until 7am, and when we asked her how she would be able to go to church, and she just said "Dios es primero" (God is first). That is incredible. She calls the Book of Mormon 'precious' when she talks about it.

It's funny how people react when we go into stores on P-day to shop for food and other stuff. We go into Target or Sports Authority and people come up to us and ask us where peanut butter or the changing rooms are, and we just tell them politely "we don't work here." Once, me and my companion pulled up into an apartment complex (in our Chevy Malibu) and got out, and the kids who were playing in front thought we were the police!"

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