Monday, August 30, 2010

August 17, 2010

"Well, this has been a great week. We had Roberto's and Eric's baptism on Saturday! Roberto's family was so happy . . . . Roberto bore his testimony after he was baptized, and he said that looking back, his life without the Gospel was like eating cake without sugar, or cookies without milk. He said the thing that he lacked was true joy (he actually cried at the baptism! a couple people said they had never seen him cry before). The next day for the confirmation, he showed up in a suit! It was so cool . . . . The other guy, Eric, was a referral from Roberto's family. He bore his testimony and told us a story that me and Elder Snyder didn't know about--one day after we had taught him the Word of Wisdom, he went to Starbucks to buy coffee, and then felt bad and decided not to! (He didn't even tell us). That is how you know that your investigators are solid, when they make decisions like that even when you would never find out either way. It was great . . . . I love being a missionary. When we were sitting at the baptism, it just hit me how awesome being a missionary is, and helping people find true happiness. There isn't anywhere in the world I would rather be than on a mission. "

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