Monday, August 30, 2010

August 24, 2010

"Everything is going great here in California! First, transfer news--I am staying here in Escondido, but Elder Snyder (my trainer) is leaving for another city. So, . . . I will be left as the only missionary who knows the area tonight . . . The two sisters who were also in the Las Posas ward with us are both leaving (one is going home), and we are also getting an extra companionship in our Las Posas ward, so we will be getting 5 new missionaries for our ward tonight! I was really lucky to get Elder Snyder as my companion. He's one of the best missionaries in the mission and I have learned a lot from him."

"We had the baptism of Areceli on Sunday night. It was so great--she called us her "ángeles"."

August 17, 2010

"Well, this has been a great week. We had Roberto's and Eric's baptism on Saturday! Roberto's family was so happy . . . . Roberto bore his testimony after he was baptized, and he said that looking back, his life without the Gospel was like eating cake without sugar, or cookies without milk. He said the thing that he lacked was true joy (he actually cried at the baptism! a couple people said they had never seen him cry before). The next day for the confirmation, he showed up in a suit! It was so cool . . . . The other guy, Eric, was a referral from Roberto's family. He bore his testimony and told us a story that me and Elder Snyder didn't know about--one day after we had taught him the Word of Wisdom, he went to Starbucks to buy coffee, and then felt bad and decided not to! (He didn't even tell us). That is how you know that your investigators are solid, when they make decisions like that even when you would never find out either way. It was great . . . . I love being a missionary. When we were sitting at the baptism, it just hit me how awesome being a missionary is, and helping people find true happiness. There isn't anywhere in the world I would rather be than on a mission. "
August 10, 2010

"Yesterday, at our district meeting, the Spanish sisters...brought some hot chiles for everyone to try. It was so funny. The Spanish-speaking missionaries ate them without problems (they weren't very hot at all), but the English-speaking missionaries in our district almost died. Their faces turned red and they ran out for water! (I guess they haven't developed the same resistance that we have, since we eat chiles so much.....literally, a trial by fire). I have been able to build up quite a resistance to hot stuff. I actually had some Doritos the other day that I used to think were pretty hot (before my mission), and they tasted pretty bland."

"One great family, Porfidio and Lucy (and two little kids, Diego and Alma), we have been teaching for a couple weeks. They came to church and loved it. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom, and Lucy said, "Whatever you teach us, we are going to do, because we know it is from God." How much faith is that!"
August 3, 2010

"I got to eat sheep tacos on Saturday night! Yesterday, my companion got to eat liver and chicken feet (luckily, I was on an exchange and in a different area at the time...). My time is coming though! I'm almostly definitely going to eat pig feet and menudo (intestines) some time on my mission."
August 3, 2010

"One of our investigators, we actually found on the street, and when we went and taught her the first lesson, she said she had prayed to know which church was true before! So it went really well, and we gave her an assignment to read in the Book of Mormon, and the next time we came back, we asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon, and she said, "un pocito" (a tiny little bit), but my companion saw where she had her bookmark opened to, and he thinks she got all the way up 1 Nefi 17! We asked her to come to church at 11am, and she said she would. Afterwards, we found out she works night and wouldn't get home on Sunday until 7am, and when we asked her how she would be able to go to church, and she just said "Dios es primero" (God is first). That is incredible. She calls the Book of Mormon 'precious' when she talks about it.

It's funny how people react when we go into stores on P-day to shop for food and other stuff. We go into Target or Sports Authority and people come up to us and ask us where peanut butter or the changing rooms are, and we just tell them politely "we don't work here." Once, me and my companion pulled up into an apartment complex (in our Chevy Malibu) and got out, and the kids who were playing in front thought we were the police!"