Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Family,
It is hard to believe I am already halfway done at the MTC! The days have gone by so fast; I hope my second half goes by as fast (or faster). It's not that I don't like it here, I just really want to get out to California and start doing actual missionary work. I feel like my Spanish gets better every day. I don't even have problems understanding my teachers anymore. Not much has happened different this week, although last week's Tuesday night devotional speaker was Robert D. Hales! He gave an amazing talk, and my companion and I just barely got in (we were about three rows from the back, on the end). But it was amazing. Every time a member of the Twelve comes, we sing "Called to Serve" at the beginning of the meeting. You have not lived until you have heard 2,200 missionaries sing "Called to Serve" as loud as possible. It's amazing. This week will probably be a Seventy, and next week will almostly certainly be another member of the Twelve (because next week is the training seminar for all the new mission presidents, so every member of the Twelve will be here, every day, for three or four days). It is amazing how often the Twelve come here. In the last two months, L. Tom Perry and Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke (both before I entered the MTC), and since then we have had D. Todd Christofferson and Robert D. Hales--and whoever comes next week.
Well, we found out yesterday that the Provo Temple is closing for a few weeks to be cleaned, so we won't be able to go do sessions every P-day until probably the last week I am here. But, we just got notified today that our district was one of the districts that got picked to help clean the Temple! We are so excited! So next P-day, we report to the Temple in church clothes, with gym shoes, and they will give us white work clothes, and we will help clean the Temple.
I am doing great! I was sick for a couple days (my zone leader was sick for two weeks, and he got the rest of us sick because "he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself"), but other than that, these last six weeks have gone by great! I get to play basketball every day in gym period (although our gym period is pretty crowded because we have several Spanish-speaking zones; I wish we had gym with the Russian or German speakers). So many of my friends from BYU have entered the MTC already! Being here is so much fun--but being in the field, teaching people will be so much more fun! I will send you all pictures next week (hopefully)! Enjoy your week!
Elder Gibbons

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